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  1. The Pheasant (capacity - 8 pers.) - see full photo gallery
Located on a hill from which slope the forest starts, without direct neighborhood and having a yard of 5 acres, the stone house dated back to1928 carries the typical architectural style of the Dobroudja.
During the restoration we saved the original clay daub, whitewashed walls and wooden floors and ceilings.
The house offers reserved comfort of authentic furniture from its time as the modern conveniences are discreetly embedded in stone and wood.

The house consists of two spacious bedrooms, living room, kitchen and dining-room, bathroom and WC.
Its capacity is for 5-8 people. You will live alone in the house, after accomodation the owners are not there.
In the first bedroom there are two double beds and in the other - one double and one single bed.
The living room is furnished with extensible sofa, there is a separate dining room with a table and six chairs, a lounge bar, a wood stove for cold winter days. In the kitchen there is another dining area for eight people, built in kitchen with four hot-plates, oven, fridge and freezer. For those who prefer fast food preparation, electric grill and microwave are available.Digital TV, CD / DVD player, music from the rich collection of the housewife are available too.

The garden has a barbecue and fireplace. There are several places for relaxing and dining. A parking for 4 cars is available. And why it is called "The Pheasant? Pheasants are fluttering very often from the neighboring forest; they feel safer in the village.
For prices during the summer season: Please contact us tel +359885 001709

2. The Walnuts (capacity - 8 pers.) - see full photo gallery

We called "The Walnuts" a stone house built in 1927 because of the two large walnut trees entangled branches in its yard.Since before appearing of vintage fashion, we were tempted by the style of the 30s of last century, in the design of the "Walnuts" we tried to recreate the atmosphere of a house of wealthy grain merchant. However, we introduced an element of eclecticism because the exact reproduction of the epoch is job for museum staff, but we express ourselves, hoping people we like will like what we have done.
The house consists of two separate parts with separate entrances.
- Large room with attached spacious bathroom (35 m2 total), suitable for a family with one or two children
- Apartment which includes living room, bedroom and bathroom with a total area of ??45m2 - suitable for 4 adults with 2 children.


The dining room (45m2) with separate library lounge by the fireside is available for all our guests. The thick stone walls are like shelter from the heat during the summer and in the winter the merry crackle of the fire and red wine toasts give special charm to the hunting stories and holiday dinners.
In the summer our summer kitchen is at disposal of our guests. It is equipped with a fridge, freezer, stove and microwave. In the main kitchen we cook for the tempted by the culinary skills of Rossa. The food depends on the season, the fruits and vegetables are from the garden of the housewife, as their cultivation does not use any fertilizers.


The bread we bake on the spot, honey, eggs, meat and milk we provide from small local producers.
In the garden of ??3.5 hectares everyone can choose his/her place of seclusion and can spend quiet time in the shade of walnut trees, near to the tables or having a cup of coffee in a romantic decor.
In the summer we serve breakfast, lunch and dinner on the covered terrace or in the shade of the walnut trees, and in the winter - in the cozy dining room by the open fire. There we will be happy to offer you a glass of red wine which we manufacture ourselves from our own vineyard. We do not spray the vineyard with chemicals and in the wine there are no additives and clarifiers. The wine is such we understand it - fermented in oak barrels pure grape juice.
For prices during the summer season: Please contact us tel +359885 001709







The hosts of Rossas houses ourselves have left the city in order to live a natural and simple life, conformable to nature, seasons and local customs.

 We abstain from strong words and exaggerations and what has had attracted us to this region is just the silence and the opportunity to call the things by their authentic names or when words are not enough to leave them without names.

Through restoration we have brought
back to life two houses of praiseworthy Bulgarians who cultivated the land, enjoyed the fruits of their labor and
didnt pretend for exclusivity.


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